Hello.  Today  I am going to teach you about Maine!

My state Natural Wonder is Acadia National Park.  It is located in the southwest of Maine.  The park has mountains, lakes, woodlands, ocean coastline and ponds.  The park was renamed Acadia in 1929. More then 3.4 Million People visited the park in 2019.

My manmade wonder is the Cape Neddick light. It is located in York, Maine. In 1874 congress appropriated $15,000 to build a light house. Its stands on Nuddle island about 100 yards off Cape Neddick.


Maine’s Historical wonder is old sow whirlpool. The whirlpool is caused by local bathymety. The Sow whirlpool is the 5th significant whirlpool worldwide.

The state Hero is Steven King. He was born in Sep 21 1947. He lives in Portland Maine right now. Steven king has written 97+ books in his career.

The State symbol is the Maine coon cat. The cat has three different names Coon cat, Maine cat, and Maine shag.  Maine coon cats are the largest domestic cat breed in the world.  When they are happy to see their owner, they say “hello” with a soft chirp. Maine coon cats have large multi layer paws to help them walk on snow.

I hope you learned something about Maine. And I learned something too.

thanks for reading!



Part 2 of the scary teacher.

What if we make her mad? 


Teacher you are a demon!


Yeah you are a demon!

No I am not. I am just a teacher.

No you are and you are either a witch or a demon.

No i am not said the demon teacher

P.S. the purple is Amelia and blue is Annie and the black is now the other students and the red is the demon teacher and the bright pink is the narrator.


Run for your liiiifffffeeeee!AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.

And then they ran to Annie’s house because she lives next door to the school and then locked the door.

That was a close one.


We should discuss what the heck is happening.


Then the demon found an open window  and climbed in.




The scary teacher!

It was the end of the year that I started Kindergarten.

 We got to see the teachers and go inside the classroom .

 When my mom picked me up from school in the mail we got a note from the school that I saw who my new teacher was.

 After summer break  we got to go onto the Classroom again and we had a scavenger hunt to see if we know where everything was.

Then I saw my best  friend named   Amelia .

 We were scared for first grade .

 Because we don’t even know the new teachers name we just know the room that we’re in .

hey I have not seen the new  teacher.

Yeah me ether.

Maybe we should look for her?

yeah we should.

lets look over here. 

I found her.


Ahhhhhh she is a demon!



They ran until they found there parents.

We don’t want to go here!


“Why” said the parents.

Its scary!



Its not scary here. how is it scary? said the mom.

The teacher.

Yeah the teacher is a demon.

No she is not. let me see for myself.



Yeah she is a nice lady.


We will tell you all about it when we get back for school on Monday.

Tuesday sweetie.

what ever.

Next Tuesday…

Hi Annie!

Hi Amelia!

First day of First grade I am scared.

Me to.

my mom says that she put a camera on me so we can watch it when we get home.

And see the mean and scary teacher.

Yeah and then we wont have to stay here.


Hi class said the teacher.

Today we will be focusing on two digit numbers.





She is not acting mean or like a demon.

I know this is weird.

Hey I have an idea.


We make her mad.



I love chips.

Accept the spicy ones.

Don’t get me wrong i am nine.

I especially like ruffles those are the best.

Do you like ruffles? comment if you like them or if you don’t.

I like mostly all the lays brand chips.

thanks for reading.





I love smoothies!

I am drinking a smoothy right now.

I will tell you my recipe.

  • Coconut yogurt
  • Chocolate milk
  • Frozen fruit

That is my recipe.

Thanks for reading!



Messenger kid

I have messenger kid.

I is so much fun!

I have had it for about one month.

 The point of the app is that you can text and call your friends.

It is a fun way to connect to friends.

You can alsoPlay games off the app.

Thanks for reading.



I am bored

I am really bored because………………………….

I  have not played on my phone for five hors!

I have spent to much time on school!

And now i am writing to you right now!

And now i am not bored!

Thanks for reading




I love Books!

Long books, short books.

I love books!

The book I am reading right now is Junie B. Jones Boo and I mean it!

 What is your fav book!

Mine is Junie B. Jones.

Bizzy’s fav book is Bad Dog Marly.

Bizzy is my cat.

Thanks for reading!!!




I LOVE cake!

If you give me any cake i will eat it!

You name it, I will eat it!

I will eat it all if it is small but if it is five layer I will eat one layer!

I will eat the bottom of this layer cake!

You may be like “What” but yes i will eat the bottom layer!

I love cake!