I am going to tell you about Zoom!

  • You can have more then one person!
  • You can do it on any device! like a computer, Ipad, phone.
  • You can chat with your friends!      Privately or to everyone!

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Glass Kitten

This is Kit the glass kitten. She is gray like the sky.                                           She as small as a rat, and as nice as a bunny.

The kitten could fit right in my hands!

Its meow is so soft!

It will not scratch you with its little claws!

It will fall right asleep on you!

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3e classroom!

I am going to tell you about my class.

We have 18 people in my class including me.

Hear are some girl names.

Elena/Me, Estella, Vera, Landin, May, Anna, Piper, Katherine, and Sophie.

And hear are some boys names.

Landon, Max, Edward, Van, Brady, Javey, Paul, Holden and Justin,

We have 3 different kinds of class pets.

We have a gecko named Bamboo.

We used to have 2 Hermit crab but 1 died . but the one that still is alive is sandy.

And we have lots of fish.

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I saved a bird

The title might sound crazy but it is true!

I actually did it I saved a bird

I can tell you how it happened

so I was walking in my mimi’s yard (she lives next to me)

all of a sudden my sister screamed out bird then I looked over and the next thing I

saw was A bird stuck in a net

so I ran over and tried to get it out.

It took two long and hard tries.

But I got it out in one to two mins.

And the bird flow away.

And I think the bird thanked me!

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This is all about cats.

I have two cats at my house.

they are the cutest

Now i will tell you about CATS!!!!

Cats are nocturnal. Some times.

And they like to hunt for mice.

My cats like to hunt. Kind of.

Now i am going to tell you why you should get a cat.

Because they are easy to take care of.

They like to cuddle at night.

Cats are very intelligent.

You don’t have to take them for a walk.

To take care of them is not expensive.

They are very very very cute!

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Mrs. cat person

I have a stuffed animal named Mrs cat person.

Katherine gave it to me for my birthday.

Mrs. cat person is my favorite stuffed cat.

She is a little fat cat and she has a friend named sam.

It looks likes a little white fur boll with brown spots.

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The sequel of All about my cats!

It seems that you liked my first All About my Cats so I have a sequel for it!

  • They will still lay on my computer!
  • Today it is their birthday ( April 1st ) so you can say happy birthday to them!
  • They are the cutest cats on the planet!
  • I like cats more then dogs ( It depends if they are 3 ft or taller or if they don’t scratch my face ! No offense.
  • they are not outdoor cats so they don’t have ticks!
  • They are veeery nice and kind!

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All about my cats

I am going to tell you all about my cats!!!

  • They are cute!
  • They are smart!
  • They are nice!
  • They do not scrach or bite!
  • They are frendly!
  • One is all black and one is black and white!
  • There names are Buggy and Bizzy!
  • They will lay on MY computer!

Thank you for reading!!!



Mom and Dad

Hi today I am going to tell you why I am thankful for my parents…

  • They take me on nice vacations!
  • They aren’t pushy to me!
  • They give me lots of food!!!
  • They bye me nice things!!!

Thanks for reading!!!




I am going to tell you some reasons I like and dislike winter.

First I am going to tell you the reasons I like winter.

  • I like Christmas and Christmas is in winter.
  • You can build a snowman.
  • The Christmas eav feast becauseI love food.
  • You can have a snowball fight.

And now I am going to tell you reasons I don’t like winter.

  • Snow falls on the ground!!!
  • There is cold weather!!!
  • There are no leaves on the trees!!!
  • Black ICE!!!

Thanks for reading!!!